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How to Use the Surname List Page

How to Use the Surname List
At the top of the page you will see a search box which allows for searching of an entire surname or a part of one.  After typing in the desired search text, hit “Enter” or click the “magnifying glass” icon to initiate the search.  To clear the search text, click the “whisk broom” icon to the right of the magnifying glass.

The search field for “Also Search Alternate Spellings” defaults to "yes". This allows the search to not only look for matches in the main surname entry, but to also look for matches in the alternate spelling list for each record. If a match is found in either field, the record will be brought back. Setting this field to "no" will limit results to just matches in the main surname entry field.

On the top right, the page navigation tools exist. These will include the “Results Per Page” selector to set the desired number of listings displayed on each page and, if enough records exist, a “Jump To Page” selector and a page navigation tool.
By clicking on any column heading containing data, the data in that column will be sorted alphabetically. Clicking the same column again will reverse the sort order.
The “Actions” column will contain one or two icons, dependent upon the associated members record.

The “eye” icon (view detail) will always appear on all records. Clicking this icon will open a new window containing the “Surname Detail” page.

The “envelope” icon (email inquiry) may appear.  Clicking this icon will open a new window to allow a person to use the “Surname Inquiry Emailer” to contact the member who contributed the surname.  (The “envelope” icon will appear based on two factors in the member's record: the member must have given his email address and the member must have opted to receive emails from the Surname List by checking (turning on) the “Receive Email” option for “Surname Inquiries” in the "Member Settings" tab of his Member Profile.)
Surname Detail

Provides all the information enterd in the selected surname record.
Surname Inquiry Emailer
This form is used to send an inquiry to the member related to the selected surname. The “Sender” must enter their Name, Email Address information and a short message related to their inquiry. When the inquirer clicks “Send”, the email is sent directly to the member.