Durham-Orange Genealogical Society
Durham-Orange Genealogical Society


We have decided to start a fresh Surname List but WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please visit your member profile and enter the surnames you are researching. You do not have to restrict them to Durham and Orange Counties. We welcome surname entries for all locations. 
We now have the capability of allowing people to contact you through our surname listMembers and Non-Members alike can contact you for information about your surnames. However, they cannot see your contact information as the email is generated automatically and forwarded to the email address you have on file with D-OGS. It is important to keep your email address updated with the membership chair(In the future we will be able to edit our own contact information, but for now, please forward all changes to membership@dogsnc.org)
How to Enter Your Surnames:
  1. Log in to your Membership Profile
  2. Click the Surname Tab
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit and add your surnames
  4. Enter Surnames
  5. Click the Save button when you're done
Here are some basic rules to follow when entering your surname information: 
  • Please use the 2-digit State abbreviations
  • Most important of all - remember to click on the eye icon to see more information about that surname. The notes you add to your surname will NOT be visible on the front surname page. 
Surname Research
The Notes / Comments box will appear: 
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Members, click here to enter your Surnames into our Surname List