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John W. and Robert D. Graham

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John W. and Robert D. Graham
Posted: 09/16/2016 - 9:38 am
9/15/2016 17:32:15
Matthew Lempke
Richmond VA 23220
"Dear Durham-Orange Genealogical Society,
My name is Matt Lempke and I am currently working on a thesis at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. My research deals with Confederate soldiers, the siege of Petersburg, and the use of various coping mechanisms, both during the siege and postwar, thereby analyzing how these men readjusted to postwar life. My research has led me to what appears to be a large and prominent family of Orange County, NC.
I'm interested in learning more on two brothers, John W. and Robert D. GRAHAM, who were the sons of William Alexander GRAHAM (1804-75) and Susannah Washington GRAHAM (1816-90). Both were members of Company D, 56th North Carolina Infantry and were wounded at the Battle of Fort Stedman. It appears that John Washington GRAHAM (1838-1928), was involved with the Saint Matthews Episcopal Church in Hillsborough. It appears several of his brothers are buried here as well. His brother, Robert D. GRAHAM (1843-1905) is buried at the Old Town Cemetery in Hillsborough, Presbyterian section.
My questions to your genealogical society are as follows: Is it possible to verify if this family was involved with particular Episcopal or Presbyterian churches in the area? It seems that some of the family were one denomination or the other. Lastly, I'm trying to find more background on their postwar lives in Orange County, such as occupation and community involvement. If you may have any information on these brothers and their families it would be greatly appreciated!
Matt Lempke "    

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