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Posted: 09/05/2015 - 8:18 am

9/4/2015 0:53:26
Anita Henning
    "I'm planning to be in North Carolina on September 14th to September 16th.. I would like to know whether it would be best to start my research at the Orange County Court House or at the North Carolina Library or Archive in Raleigh, 
I believe my ancestors came from Orange County, but may have also lived or owned property in Durham or Chatham counties before they moved to Warren County, Tennessee about 1849.  Are most of the records for Orange County available to family researchers at the Court House in books, or on microfilm? 
I have recently renewed my membership in the D-OGS, and have been a member in the past, although I haven’t taken advantage of what is offered for members.  
I have done research on this North Carolina family in the past, but have been somewhat inactive in genealogy for the last few years, and it seems almost like starting all over again. I have never been to North Carolina so I am looking forward to seeing the area where these ancestors lived in N.C. even if I’m unable to find the exact place they lived or other information about them, although finding any information would be wonderful.  
My ancestors from North Carolina are my 2nd great grandparents, Nathaniel and Waddy, Weddie/ Wady /Waddy (Lindsey) Roberson/Robertson/Robinson, more often Roberson, but I have found their name spelled all these ways and more. Of course, I would also like to identify their parents. 
Waddy Lindsey Roberson is said to have been born in 1807 according to the FamilySearch IGI. Nathaniel is said to have been born in 1800 which corresponds to his age of 50 at the time of the 1850 census in Warren County, TN.   
Many online genealogies have listed Waddy as a child of William Caleb (often called Caleb in the records) and Martha Patsy (Brewer) Lindsey, but I have not been able to find the proof that she is their daughter. Martha and Caleb Lindsey left Orange County, N.C. sometime in the 1840s, traveled through Tennessee staying in a few counties along the way where some of their daughters married and remained with their husbands. Waddy’s mother, Martha is said to have died in TN although I don’t have proof for that. Caleb and some of the youngest daughters were living in Arkansas according to the 1850 census for Drew County, Arkansas. Caleb is listed as a Dr in one of the censuses; he is said to have died in the early 1860s.  
Waddy and Nathaniel were married in Orange County, N.C. on 27 February 1824. They had six children who lived to adulthood; not sure if there were others. The children were all born in North Carolina; their birthdates are:
John Norris abt 1830,  Mallory B, 1832,  Joseph Hyder 26 Jan 1835,  Thomas C 1836,  George A Caleb 1840,  Martha S. L. 1844
I have looked at land and other records at the LDS library in Salt Lake City, but have not found other information that I’m certain refers to Nathaniel and Waddy Roberson. I have not found Waddy in any records other than her marriage, and there are several Nathaniel Roberson’s in the area during this 1800 to 1850 time frame
Nathaniel, Waddy and their children moved to Warren County Tennessee sometime between Martha’s birth in 1844 and Waddy’s death in 1849, which is listed in the Mortality Schedule of the 1850 census in Warren County [although her name is listed as “Faddy” Roberson]. 
Nathaniel and the children are listed together on the 1850 census in Warren County. Most of the children continued to live in Warren County, TN as adults but died as somewhat young adults. Some of Nathaniel and Waddy’s grandchildren stayed in Warren County and some moved to Texas in the 1890s. After Waddy died, Nathaniel married Permelia Miller Youngblood about 1851 in Warren County, TN, resulting in a few more children before he died on 9 June 1854 in Warren County, TN. 
There are several Nathaniel Roberson/Robertsons in Orange County, NC during this time frame [1800-1849]. I have not been to identify Nathaniel and his family in the 1830 census for Orange County. I believe I have identified him with his wife and children on the 1840 census in Orange County. The other Roberson head of household’s listed on the same or nearby pages [225-229] in 1840 are:
David, age 30-40; James age 30-40; Merritt 40-50; Wm 20-30; Merritt 30-40;     All appear to be married except for the younger Merritt. 
Roberson head of household’s living some distance away are: Nathaniel age 70-80 listed on page 234 and John 20-30 listed on page 258. 
I have reviewed [and copied] some land records from the 1800-1850 time period for Roberson as either a buyer or seller of land, but there are several Nathaniel Roberson’s in the area. Perhaps I need to figure out where the Caleb Lindsey family was living and try to identify which Nathaniel bought or sold land in that area. Of course, I’m not sure that they were farmers, or that they owned land. I found no land record for Nathaniel Roberson in Warren County, TN. Also the sons of Nathaniel and Waddy appear to have had a good education. Their son Joseph Hyder Roberson was the county clerk in Warren County.   
Any suggestions on how to proceed would be welcomed. If this email should have been sent to someone else, please feel free to pass it on to whoever can best answer my questions.  If more information would be helpful in answering my questions, I would be glad to give more information. 
Thanks so much for any information you can give me in researching my ancestors in Orange County, North Carolina. 
Anita Henning   

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