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E.M Cameron and C.W. Toms

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E.M Cameron and C.W. Toms
Posted: 06/19/2015 - 8:44 am
6/18/2015 19:06:09
Glenn Mittler
42614 Grandview dr.
Elyria, OH.    44035-2106

"Dear Madam/Sir,
Am seeking next-of-kin to a Mr. E. M. CAMERON.
Mr. CAMERON escorted Mr. and Mrs. Glenn MILLER through Duke University on May 15, 1940 before MILLER'S concert in the New Indoor Gymnasium.

Am seeking next-of-kin to a Mr. C.W. TOMS.
Mr. TOMS conducted Mr. and Mrs. Glenn MILLER on a tour (2 hours) through  the Chesterfield Cigarette factories. Also on May 15, 1940. Before the Glenn MILLER Orchestra concert in the New Indoor Gymnasium concert there that evening.

I would like to contact children or grandchildren of CAMERON and TOMS to see if their father/grandfather posed for photographs with Glenn MILLER.
I am a Glenn MILLER researcher/historian."

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