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Rains or Raines

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Rains or Raines
Posted: 04/07/2015 - 4:50 pm
4/7/2015 15:29:50

"Hello! I am searching for some information about a particular branch of my family that (may) have ties to Orange. I am descended from a man named Isaac RAINS (b. ca. 1809) who lived in Knox/Whitley Co. KY. I've been on the hunt for his father, and have reason to believe it was a man named Allen RAINS. Allen appears on the KY tax records in 1808, but not before. After some digging, I turned up an Allen RAINES of about the correct age living in Hillsborough, NC on the 1800 census.
Does anyone have any kind of paperwork to help me trace this man or his family? Thanks!"
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