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William Gaston VICKERS

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William Gaston VICKERS
Posted: 01/21/2015 - 2:01 pm
1/21/2015 10:49:36
Dick Pickett
180 Saddlewood Circle
Timberlake, NC 27583
"Surname: VICKERS
Given Name: William Gaston
City:     Durham
County: Durham
State/Prov./Rgn.: NC
Country: USA    
Begin Year: 1838
End Year: 1924
Notes / Comments:     
Seek father.
Milly's great granddaughter, Elizabeth VICKERS BRINTLE, told me in the winter of 1986/87, that Milly is thought to have married either a TRICE or a GREEN, that Milly's husband is thought to have died or disappeared on a trip to Fayetteville, and that Milly took back her maiden name. Mrs. BRINTLE'S brother, Theodore B. VICKERS, told me on 6 April 1995 that he knows nothing certain about Milly's husband, but guessed Milly's husband may have been a RIGSBEE. Since in censuses Milly lived near David Jr., George W., and James and was about their age, I follow oral tradition and make her their sister.""
There is also the possibility that Thomas VICKERS (who appears in OCBD 24:48, 28 November 1831, as a trustee for T. PICKETT in a debt to James VICKERS) was a son of David VICKERS, Sr., and the husband of Milly. If so, Milly was the daughter-in-law of David VICKERS, Sr.
More evidence for placing Milly as daughter-in-law of David VICKERS, Sr.: Claude VICKERS (son of William Gaston VICKERS) was interviewed on tape by Mack Lester VICKERS, Jr. in 1976. Claude said Gaston VICKERS and Atlas RIGSBEE were first cousins and that Gaston's mother lived on what is now Hope Valley Road in Durham and is buried in RIGSBEE Cemetery. (For printed interview, see DMH 3 August 1976.)
OCDB 40:173, 12 March 1870 , Atlas M. RIGSBEE and wife Roeney sell to Thomas S. VICKERS.  OCDB 42:147, 23 September 1873, Gaston VICKERS sells to John A. VICKERS part of the old RIGSBEE property joining Gaston VICKERS, George W. VICKERS, and others.
Note too that one of Milly's presumed brothers was George Washington VICKERS, Sr., and that her youngest son was named Washington Marion VICKERS.
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