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Asa Bradley Sr.

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Asa Bradley Sr.
Posted: 01/28/2021 - 9:43 am
1/27/2021 20:39:47
Buck Bradley
104 Forest Lane
Swansboro, NC 28584
"I’m researching family history and I hit a wall.   I’m trying to trace my family history with historical documents and not pushing the I believe button on Ancestry.com.   I'm looking for information regarding Asa BRADLEY Sr.  he was born in 1768 in Randolph County, NC, and passed away in 1846 in Wake County, NC.  I was wondering if there are any county records that could lead to his father or mother.  I believe it was Lawrence/Laurence BRADLEY (1732-1811) and Winiferd WISDOM (1735-1818). (This information I have was found on Ancestry without any supporting documents.)  I have some information that Asa lived in Wilkes County for a while and married Frances CROWDER from Wilkes County ( 1796-1851).  I'm trying to accurately trace my family history with historical records and have hit a roadblock.   Any assistance or lead would be appreciated. 
This information was provided by the Guilford GS
Sorry about the delay.  Hope this may help.  1779 Randolph was separated from Guilford.
Alamance County and eastern Guilford was part of Orange County.  HWY 421 in southern Guilford County was roughly the county line with Rowan until the 1771 formation of Guilford. Historians claim Royal Gov. Tryon formed Guilford to separate the local group (Battle of Alamance) opposing his authority and made the first courthouse on Guilford's west side.
All county government records were required to get a copy to the NC Archives and most counties completed.  They have quite a bit on-line and always glad to help. Also have the TN records before the states were divided.  Would be my first look.
Alamance, Orange, and Randolph County Genealogical Societies have been around for years and have web pages.
Below is out of our Guilford Genealogist Winter 1987 Vol 14, ver 2
by Jack L. Perdue (deceased)
At the Battle of Alamance on May 16, 1771, the militia
under the command of Royal Governor William Tryon defeated
approximately 2,000 Regulators. It may never be possible to
identify all of the Regulators. Many have been lost to history.
Of the six who were hanged at Hillsborough after the battle, the
names of two are no longer known. Over a period of several years
I have accumulated the names of many members of this movement.
To my knowledge there has never been an alphabetical listing of
the known Regulators published before. In this and following
parts of this series of articles, I will present those that I
have identified. They are listed by name, county of residence,
and the activity which identifies them as a member of the movement.
Please remember that Guilford County officially came into existence
in April 1771 and that Regulators living in what is now Guilford
County will be listed as Orange or Rowan. Where known or
strongly indicated, I have also listed whether they were Whigs
or Tories during the American Revolution. I have all this data
in a data base in my computer so that it may easily be updated.
I hope you as readers will feel free to contribute any additional
data you may have on these individuals or any names that I may
have missed.
Abram BRADLEY, Orange County
1766 signed Regulator advertisement 
1771 Battle of Alamance
Laurence BRADLEY Orange
1768 signed Regulator advertisement 
1771 Battle

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