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Many Questions about James Armstrong

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Many Questions about James Armstrong
Posted: 05/16/2020 - 8:43 am
5/15/2020 20:44:40
David Armstrong Shaul
"Many questions, not sure where to begin but I'll start with this:
I've traced my lineage to a James ARMSTRONG, from the Hillsborough District/Orange County, NC...I think.  His father might have been William or James.  There are several ARMSTRONGS and am having difficulty sorting them all out.  Trying to figure out which one is on my line - whether it be a son, grandson, etc.  There were brothers and uncles.  A few of them fought in the revolution - in more than one district.  And there are military records with their names.  Anyway, there are two family histories - History of Christian County, IL, and, Portrait Biographical Christian County Illinois.  I easily found these in archive.org.  The people on my lineage, such as William ARMSTRONG moved to Williamson County, TN and then onto Christian and/or Sangamon County, Illinois.
Just getting started on all of this, figuring out the layout of the counties/districts during the 1700's.
I am looking for resources such as Wills/probate/estates, tax records, etc.  I  would also like to know if there were newspaper publications that could reveal birth dates, death dates, marriage etc.
I thank-you kindly!   -DS      "
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