Durham-Orange Genealogical Society
Durham-Orange Genealogical Society

July 2021 Meeting - IN PERSON and Online

Stroll Through Ledgers and Explore Ancestors’ Everyday Lives
by Diane L. Richard
Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 7:00 PM
D-OGS is more than happy to announce that we are resuming in-person free meetings for the public as well as continuing to make them available via Zoom for D-OGS members who cannot attend.
Business/organization ledgers document everyday business transactions that involved our families and can uncover information about their life as well as genealogical clues.  Please join us on Wednesday, July 7 at 7:00 PM at the OWASA Community Center, 400 Jones Ferry Rd, Carrboro, OR ONLINE via Zoom, to hear Diane L. Richard present “Stroll Through Ledgers and Explore Ancestors’ Everyday Lives”.   We’ll discuss many different kinds of ledgers as kept by these businesses, what we can learn from these ledgers, and how we can locate them. Besides placing individuals and families in space and time, relationship information is sometimes noted -- family, an employer/employee, enslaver/enslaved – as well as life events, FPOC, enslaved, and so much more! Some ledger types we’ll explore are the following:  Physician, General Store, Distillery, Lawyer, Livery, Blacksmith, Cotton/Tobacco Pickers, Midwife, Mill Operator (Textile, Lumber, Saw, Grist, etc), Pharmacy, Port-related, rural Post Office, Farm, Renters, Sanitorium, Tolls/Bridge/Ferry, Undertaker, etc., from the 18th to 20th-centuries. Don’t assume that your ancestors will not be listed!
Dr. David Watson Medical Ledger, 1840-1846,  State Archives of NC PC.2052
Information about attending online has been emailed to D-OGS members.  Please contact us if you have not received it.
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Videos of D-OGS Meetings are now online!

We have added a new section on the members-only portion of this website with videos of meetings starting in the Fall of 2020, along with a few older ones that were on YouTube.  Our plan is record all meetings going forward for members to view, but note that some speakers will not allow us to record and as expected there are sometime technical problems.  Here is the list of recordings available now.
Details about each recording can be found in the history of past events section
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