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John Morris, 1780, Orange County, NC

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John Morris, 1780, Orange County, NC
Posted: 11/07/2014 - 5:05 pm
11/7/2014 16:31:45
Reda Grant

"Looking for information on Henry MORRIS in Orange County, NC .  Was listed in the Orange Ct, NC Court Minutes in Aug Term 1777, to work on a road; again in Nov 1783 as a jurist; in May 785 as Secretary of the Court, and with my other GGGG Grandfather Hugh CARUTHERS in 1785, according to the minutes they lost the case.
Henry MORRIS - could this be the Sr or the JR Henry, and the father of John MORRIS, born in 1780 in Orange and married Nancy CARUTHERS (CAROTHERS) and moved to Madison Cty, Alabama.  
One Henry MORRIS died in July 1801, listing his grandson John MORRIS son of his son Henry, leading me to think his son Henry Jr must have died.
Looking for information on John MORRIS, born 1780 in Orange County, NC and died 1860 in Madison County, AL.
Thank you."
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